Mel & Ricardo | Engagement | Downtown Los Angeles

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benj haisch - that second image and those split tone photos are sick!

John Bello - Beautifully composed shots – sick!

naomi - great use of architecture in these, and love the simple intimacy of the kiss on the side of the road.

Douglas Pettway - wonderful portraits!

Rachelle - Amazing environmental portraits – great work!

Joe - I love the compositions on the tunnel and the staircase photos! :)

bryan - That location is perfect. Love the last three images.

small - Fun! Awesome locations. Adorable couple. Great work!

rahul - amazing portraits! stunning.

Sarah - Oh man these are cool, especially the split color ones!

Thomas Steibl - wow. this split colored wall is just awesome.

SETH GOODMAN - Very fun photos! I really like the photo of the couple jumping.

Louis Blythe - Awesome images! So Cool!