Madeline & Alex | Engaged | Union Station | Downtown Los Angeles

union station engagement sessionolvera street engagement session

shyann - Gah, I love her style. And yours. Perfect match.

Danny - Woah these are awesome! Def going to be checking out more of your awesome work! Nice Job man.

John - Wow, what a stylish couple – and photography to match! Really impressive work.

Mercedes - Classic beauty.

Kellee Walsh - These are awesome! The expressions are perfect.

Anton Chia - Beautiful shots with lovely style.

ayesha - oh man they are classy! love the style of this shoot! also you do a crazy good job of setting them up in each image – the lines and the backgrounds! that last one, with the city prints and then the reflections of the real city in the windows, that is perfect!

/mariahedengren - Crazy awesome session.

Kelsie Taylor - these are so great! i’m loving the setting.

Alyssa Schroeder - Oh wow. I love your style (and theirs). Amazing session, locations and photos!

Jonathan David - This is incredibly cool!! Love your processing too.

Tomasz Wagner - Digging the processing and variety of shots here – great work, William!

Becca Dilley - Great use of the location, and great mid-century feel!

Justin R - Great set of images, love their style!

Paul Keppel - Love your use of composition, the leading lines really draw your eye into the couple. The platform shot with the pigeon is amazing.

Shrutee & Bhavesh | Wedding | Four Seasons Westlake Village

Four Seasons Westlake Village Wedding

Jessica Schilling - Wow, this is so beautiful! I love her dress. The getting ready shots are so intimate and artistic, and the reception looks like so much fun!

Darren Gair - An amazing wedding captured perfectly. You didn’t miss a thing.. great work.

Andrea - That DOES look like a great reception! Love the color that shows throughout……

Paul Von Rieter - Could your B&Ws get any radder? seriously. Killer reception photos too boot. Great job.

Becca Dilley - Agreed – the black and whites are just fantastic- particularly in a wedding that lends itself so well to color, you have found a way for the B&Ws to really have a wonderful storytelling purpose!

Mary Sylvia - Wow. Amazing coverage, and each one is spectacular, like, solid all the way, that’s awesome.

lisa lacroix - This set of pictures is totally gorgeous!! The bride (and her dress) are stunning.

Rachelle - Gorgeous wedding! The emotions range from quiet and contemplative to fun and crazy – the photos show it all. Beautiful!

shyann - Gah, she is sooo stunning. This wedding has gorgeous all over it! Fabulous work.

Nora - Great coverage of an epic wedding. Love your work.

Jessie - BEAUTIFUL!!! So many incredible moments full of joy captured! Awesome work.

Luis Godinez - My man, stellar images!! You rocked it.

Ivy - This is perfection! The bride, the colors, the angles are all gorgeous. I’ve been admiring your work for years; and it gets better and better with each event! Keep it up!

Estela Hernandez Hartley - Shrutee, you, your husband, and your wedding are stunning! Congratulations and best wishes for a beautiful life together filled with joy and happiness!

Vitaly - Such a sweet couple. Killed it!

Mama - Shrutee and Bhavesh
Both looks great
We all liked it