Sarah & Landon | Engaged | Santa Monica | Venice

Had so much fun with these two!
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David Jenkins - So good. Perfect use of locations and light, really classy all the way.

Mercedes - They are so cute! That last one has to be my favorite.

bryan - these are super fun! beautiful variety and and KILLER light.

Darren Gair - Such a great session, looks like you guys had some real fun together.. really well done William

Aaron - ‘THAT’ light! Pretty spectacular backdrop too – tight work as always!

Crystal & Matt | Engagement | Downtown Los Angeles


Anton Chia - Beautiful! Love the play of light!

Jacqueline Elizabeth - SO beautiful!!! The light towards the end is magical. I also adore the ivy shots, so beautiful.

Isabelle - Oh that last shot is awesome, love it!

Luke Hayden - This is really great stuff. You really know how to work the light.

bryan - so freakin bomb. love the set under the overpass.

Debbie Mayes - Great use of light in all of these…and of course you captured their happiness perfectly!

naomi - That last picture looks like a movie still.

James Fear - I normally hate pre-wedding shoots – so cheesy!

Not any more!

Jessica Schilling - This is such an awesome session. I love the light and how easy and natural and sweet they look!

Heather E - Pretty much love everything about this session. SERIOUSLY beautiful use of light.

Rob - Amazing set, the light is gorgeous! Love the one under that bridge with the shadow.

Alice & Ian | Wedding | Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club

AI_Wedding 01AI_Wedding 02AI_Wedding 03AI_Wedding 04AI_Wedding 05AI_Wedding 06AI_Wedding 07AI_Wedding 08AI_Wedding 09AI_Wedding 10AI_Wedding 11AI_Wedding 12AI_Wedding 13AI_Wedding 14AI_Wedding 15AI_Wedding 16AI_Wedding 17AI_Wedding 18AI_Wedding 19AI_Wedding 20AI_Wedding 21AI_Wedding 22AI_Wedding 23AI_Wedding 24AI_Wedding 25AI_Wedding 26AI_Wedding 27AI_Wedding 28AI_Wedding 29AI_Wedding 30AI_Wedding 31AI_Wedding 33AI_Wedding 34AI_Wedding 35AI_Wedding 36AI_Wedding 37AI_Wedding 38AI_Wedding 39AI_Wedding 40AI_Wedding 41AI_Wedding 42AI_Wedding 43AI_Wedding 44AI_Wedding 45AI_Wedding 46AI_Wedding 32AI_Wedding 47AI_Wedding 48AI_Wedding 49AI_Wedding 50AI_Wedding 51AI_Wedding 52AI_Wedding 53AI_Wedding 54AI_Wedding 55AI_Wedding 56AI_Wedding 57AI_Wedding 58AI_Wedding 59AI_Wedding 60AI_Wedding 61AI_Wedding 62AI_Wedding 63AI_Wedding 64AI_Wedding 65AI_Wedding 66AI_Wedding 67AI_Wedding 68AI_Wedding 69AI_Wedding 70AI_Wedding 71AI_Wedding 72AI_Wedding 73AI_Wedding 74AI_Wedding 75AI_Wedding 76AI_Wedding 77AI_Wedding 78AI_Wedding 79

Luis - So good man!! Amazing images.

Jason - This is nuts – insanely well captured, and what a *beautiful* wedding. Congrats Alice & Ian!

Darren Gair - Stunning coverage William!!

Yolande Marx - Stunning set of images filled with emotion! Love your compositions.

Elissa - Wow, the style in this wedding. And the light! (Those B&W portraits right before the ceremony are gorgeous.) I love the emotion you captured. Just, all around, amazing work.

Jessie - That outdoor night shot by the waterfall is BEAUTIFUL!

Debbie Mayes - Such amazing style…great work!

heather nan - Those first look portraits are solid. It’s all solid!

Mark Elkins - Love that waterfall shot. Amazing work!

Isabelle - Very emotive!!! First look – WOW!

Albert Palmer - Completely stunning – you should be proud of these!

bryan - everything about this is killer. freaking amazing light every time.